BE’s Coffee & Vending Service Celebrates 35 Years as a Local, Family-Owned Business

To celebrate a landmark anniversary, BE’s Coffee & Vending Service asked O’Connor Connective to help share its history and shape its brand for the future. This include unearthing the company’s humble beginnings and sharing both past and future with key stakeholders.  

This month, BE’s Coffee & Vending Service begins a year-long celebration of 35 years providing coffee, vending and fresh food service in this local area.

BE’s founder, Barb Eggener, began BE’s in 1980, a time when women-owned businesses were uncommon and the economy was tight. She began the company in her basement, delivering coffee to customers from Green Bay to the Northwoods from her Ford Pinto. Eventually, BE’s became a family business, with Barb’s daughter and husband joining her. The business moved from the Eggener home to Broadway in Green Bay and then Ashwaubenon. In 2001, Barb retired. Today, her son, Joe Eggener Jr., is president of BE’s Coffee & Vending Service.

“Our offerings have changed dramatically since BE’s began,” said Joe Eggener. “We offer much more than the traditional coffee and vending service people might expect. Our fresh food markets for the workplace, for example, are like on-site conveniences stores. They’re gaining in popularity with employees’ preferences for healthy food, really providing an added employee benefit.”

BE’s fresh foods are prepared locally by business partner Kitchen Fresh, of Howard. This partnership offers the added benefit of USDA inspectors who are on site at all times while food is prepared, providing peace of mind that it is prepared safely and is indeed fresh.

“My mom, Barb, instilled an enduring sense of integrity for BE’s,” said Eggener. “She grew the company through hard work and true relationships, and that approach continues today. Every decision we make is to deliver the best service possible to our customers. We’re dedicated to them, and we know them well. Our drivers who serve local businesses know the people they see at those locations by name. They care about them personally.”

Another way BE’s Coffee & Vending Service shows its care for the local community is by making daily food donations to Paul’s Pantry. In 2014, BE’s gave $169,000 in food to the pantry.

“It’s one of our favorite ways to support the local community,” said Eggener.

While maintaining its local roots, BE’s has grown over time, acquiring smaller vending companies, advancing in technology and earning the backing of Compass Group and the Canteen Franchise Group—the only nationwide network of franchise vending companies in the United States. This gives BE’s customers access to a wider variety of brands and knowledge of best practices in today’s coffee, vending and fresh food marketplace.

About BE’s Coffee & Vending Service

BE’s Coffee & Vending Service has 50 employees and serves 600 customers. You can learn more about BE’s on their website at www.besvending.com or read their history at here.

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