St. Bernard Catholic School Unveils New Identity

Principal Crystal Blahnik partnered with O’Connor Connective to lead St. Bernard Catholic School through a new identity process. O’Connor Connective facilitated group discussions, conducted surveying and led the design process for the new St. Bernard School identity.

Principal Crystal Blahnik joined St. Bernard for the 2014-2015 academic year. As Blahnik assessed the school during her first year, she realized the school’s identity, while solid, could be strengthened even further. Blahnik saw an opportunity to build on the existing school identity to showcase the school’s rich history, tradition and values. Blahnik’s school community agreed.

The goal was to create an identity that best visually represented St. Bernard Catholic School, its focus on academic excellence and faith foundation while celebrating tradition, history and values.

“I was very interested in developing an image that would be endearing and evoke a sense of pride in the school community for years to come,” commented Blahnik.

Blahnik led her community through a complete re-identity process, including surveying various audiences and conducting focus groups. The involved process took place over a six month time period. As an inclusive leader, Blahnik involved the St. Bernard students, parents, teachers, staff, alumni, parishioners and community members. The responses were all positive and the excitement around the new St. Bernard identity has been building since the first phase of the process back in September.

Blahnik purposefully planned the re-identity process to coincide with Catholic Schools Week. The reveal takes place just before Catholic Schools Week (January 31 – February 6) so the St. Bernard community can use the national week as an opportunity to celebrate the new identity.

During the month of January, Blahnik has been ‘teasing’ the St. Bernard community by sending out bits of information related to the new logo through a puzzle. The countdown continues and the community is anxiously awaiting the reveal of the new St. Bernard identity.

Join us as St. Bernard reveals their new identity at a school pep rally on Friday, January 22, beginning at 11:15 a.m. in the St. Bernard gym (2020 Hillside Lane, Green Bay). The pep rally will include a welcome from Kim Desotell, GRACE president, retiring of the current logo and reveal and celebration of the new identity.

“St. Bernard Catholic School has a captivating story. The new image will tell a story of the school’s rich history while serving as a beacon for the future,” said Blahnik.

St. Bernard Catholic School is the largest school in the GRACE system, with more than 400 students enrolled in early childhood through 8th grade. St. Bernard’s history dates back to 1958.