Green Bay Botanical Garden Breaks Ground for Grand Garden

Today, Green Bay Botanical Garden officially broke ground for a 2.5-acre Grand Garden, made possible by funds raised through its Perennial Performance Campaign. In addition, the Garden announced it has reached 91 percent of its fundraising goal of just over $5 million, with the remainder expected to be raised by year-end.

The Perennial Performance Campaign brings full circle of the vision of those who conceived of Green Bay Botanical Garden over 30 years ago and brought it to life in 1996.

The Grand Garden will include a grand entry, an amphitheater for the performing arts as well as support buildings and smaller gathering areas. All of this will be enveloped by plantings, including a unique and treasured magnolia collection.

Those contributing to the Perennial Performance are multiplying the benefits the Garden provides, cultivating a passion for the arts in the midst of the performances nature already presents each season. More families and groups will be able to celebrate memorable moments in the Grand Garden’s space. And for the Greater Green Bay community, the Garden will increase its economic impact from $6 million per year to an estimated $10 million annually.

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