St. Bernard Catholic School

Leadership Team Facilitation & Planning
Brand Identity Creation
Focus Groups
Community Surveying
Public Relations

St. Bernard Catholic School in Green Bay sought the marketing and positioning expertise of O’Connor Connective to create a brand that reflects the school today, including new leadership and new direction. O’Connor Connective conducted leadership team sessions, focus groups and community surveying to understand the perceptions of St. Bernard in the community. Research was also conducted to ensure the history and traditions of St. Bernard would be accurately reflected. After facilitating sessions with a selected leadership committee, O’Connor Connective helped complete a new brand identity for the school, and St. Bernard celebrated with a reveal pep rally. Among those in attendance were students, faculty and staff of St. Bernard and representation from GRACE, the Diocese of Green Bay and local media.

“O’Connor Connective’s team of experts gave us the tools to focus our ideas into manageable action items. Their passion for the mission of Catholic education was evident every step of the way, and the end result was a timeless articulation of our school’s unique history and Catholic identity.” – Crystal Blahnik, Principal, St. Bernard Catholic School