St.Norbert College

Executive Counsel
Innovation & Implementation

The year that Bridget O’Connor launched O’Connor Connective, she remained part-time at St. Norbert College to spearhead its first ever innovation think tank, affectionately referred to as the Big Idea initiative.

St. Norbert President Tom Kunkel invited Bridget O’Connor to take on the challenge of creating a team to further foster an innovative culture at the college and identify strategic opportunities. “The Big Ideas Group” was charged with soliciting forward-thinking ideas. Everyone—from students and faculty to alumni, trustees and Norbertines—was asked to submit ideas. In less than 90 days, 250 ideas flooded in. From these, five clusters of innovation were chosen; the best were further developed and presented for integration into the college’s strategic initiatives. The Big Ideas Innovation Project received an Insight on Innovation THINC! Award for integrating innovation throughout the organization.

O’Connor Connective continues other consulting projects with St. Norbert College including the facilitation of CatholicLink—a partnership to create world-class Catholic education in Greater Green Bay.