DISH® Regional Service Provider AEI Combines with WeConnect to Form New Brand

Telecommunications companies AEI Inc. and WeConnect had partnered informally over the year to extend their services and geographic reach. When it came time for them to formally unite under one brand, O’Connor Connective was ready to advise on branding, culture architecture and merger communications. We continue to advise the combined organization, named WeConnect, on a daily basis for all of its communication and marketing strategy needs.

DISH® Regional Service Provider Alternative Entertainment Inc. (AEI), headquartered in Green Bay, Wisconsin, and WeConnect Enterprise Solutions, headquartered in Lincoln, Maine, announced today that they are formally combining as one brand under the name WeConnectTM. The combined organization will maintain executive offices in Green Bay as well as Lincoln.

The two privately owned companies are key partners with well-known nationwide telecommunications clients, including DISH®, served primarily by AEI, and HughesNet®, served primarily by WeConnect Enterprise Solutions. In addition, the newly combined organization will serve the growing product distribution needs of independent telecommunications dealers and contractors. New lines of service are in the works for military communications and mobile phone networks, further expanding the growth potential for WeConnectTM.

Tom Burgess, an owner of both AEI and WeConnect Enterprise Solutions and president of AEI, has been named chairman of the board of the combined organization. Brad Libby, an owner and chief executive officer of WeConnect Enterprise Solutions, is the new organization’s chief executive officer.

The combination of AEI and WeConnect Enterprise Solutions brings together two entrepreneurial, hardworking technology companies to form one of the nation’s leading and most agile experts in connecting next-generation technology, whether satellite, internet, or any number of new communication networks.

“AEI and WeConnect have collaborated informally for some time to be on the front end of new technology implementation,” said Burgess. “Whatever our partners have created as the next technology innovation, we’ve been able to implement in record time. Using AEI’s and WeConnect’s individual strengths has allowed us to build the systems, find the materials and rally the resources to not only deliver but exceed expectations. Now, as one combined organization, we’re even better positioned to create transformational growth for our clients, company and, we’re proud to say, for our team members.”

In total WeConnectTM employs nearly 500 team members primarily in Wisconsin, Michigan and Maine, with additional offices and distributions centers on the East and West Coasts. No jobs will be eliminated as a result of the companies combining. WeConnect’s leadership team looks forward to retaining all team members through the transition and sees the need to add new team members to keep up with current growth.

“The opportunity this change offers our team members is one of the most exciting aspects of this change for me,” said Libby. “Within a larger organization, with greater geographic reach and a wider range of services, the opportunities for our team to advance and plan for their future open up. As part of a growing organization in an ever-changing industry, they hear about next-generation technology before the rest of the world does. The WeConnect team has a one-of-a-kind view of innovation, and because of that, develops skills that put them heads-and-shoulders above others in the field. They’re highly valued, and with more lines of business and greater scale, we can offer them more options for personal and professional growth than ever before.”


Job retention and growth. As a growing organization in an ever-changing industry, WeConnectTM is relying on its current team to drive future success, and in fact will hire additional team members to support its growth. Giving team members the opportunity to grow with the organization is a focus of the management team.

Extensive expertise in connecting next-generation technology. Technology has the potential to bring the world into homes and businesses. But technology, by itself, means nothing. People have to be able to connect to it. WeConnectTM builds the ways to do just that, through systems, processes and software, wire, cable fiber or a means yet to be discovered, underground, overhead or by satellite. Both AEI and WeConnect Enterprise Solutions bring extensive complementary experience to the table in the combined company.

Well positioned for transformational growth. WeConnect’s client partners know that the combined company exponentially increases its ability to build the systems, source the materials and scale a workforce to manage and implement new technologies as needed.

About AEI: AEI was founded in 1997 as a small retailer selling DISH® satellite systems through independent contractors throughout Northeastern Wisconsin. Shortly after, it expanded to become a regional service provider for DISH®, a direct-broadcast satellite service provider, in Wisconsin and Michigan. Tom Burgess has been owner and president of AEI since 2005.

About WeConnect Enterprise Solutions: WeConnect Enterprise Solutions was founded by Brad Libby in 2012 and is an authorized contractor for HughesNet®, a provider of satellite-based communication services. Since that time, WeConnect Enterprise Solutions has grown to 75 distributors and contractors throughout the United States.

Learn more about WeConnectTM online at www.WeConnectLLC.com.