Adriana Boesen Shares: Reflections on my first few months as an intern at O’Connor Connective

A lot has happened in my first few months with O’Connor Connective. I participated in various office celebrations and events, emphasizing the importance of celebrating milestones that lead to success. I vividly remember the first office celebration, marking O’Connor Connective’s Digital Communications Strategist, Jordan’s first anniversary with the company. It was enlightening to hear Jordan reflect on his past experiences and contributions, particularly in projects that positively impacted the Green Bay community.

As the Marketing and Graphic Design Intern, I was tasked with creating a more cohesive design template for our social media. After investing time into the project, I presented my work to my colleagues Linda, the office’s production director, and Lindsay, the vice president of communications and digital services. Their enthusiastic support was evident as they cheered my name throughout the office! Being celebrated by my coworkers for my contributions was a heartwarming experience, fueling my motivation to refine my work further and generate similar excitement for future projects.

I also had the privilege of attending an event where our CEO and President, Bridget O’Connor, received the Nancy Armbrust Impact Award from the Women’s Fund of Greater Green Bay Community Foundation. Bridget’s recognition highlighted her profound influence in supporting women and community members, notably through initiatives like the 920 Be Safe domestic violence resource awareness campaign developed in collaboration with Golden House. Her award, accompanied by a $5,000 grant, was dedicated to furthering the Be Safe Campaign, reinforcing support for women and girls. Bridget’s celebration reaffirmed my appreciation for her commitment to supporting my career growth by involving me in such impactful events. 

Throughout my time at O’Connor Connective, I’ve learned that there’s always time to celebrate a person’s accomplishments. Whether that’s celebrating an employee’s first year with the company, successfully designing a visually appealing layout, or earning a prestigious award. Celebrations are important to recognize and commemorate an individual’s achievements, regardless of their magnitude, to inspire further success.

✍️ Adriana Boesen, O’Connor Connective

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