Communications Training

Invest in your success.

We’ll help you authentically communicate with your key audiences.

Maybe you need help finding the right words, or delivering that big address, or creating the right tone for your annual company meeting. We understand that it takes planning, practice, and feedback to get it just right. And that’s what we are here for.

Our communications training options include:

  • Degreed, professional instructors for your communications needs
  • Executive communications training
  • Writing and delivery assistance for keynote speeches
  • Media relations training for key spokespersons or full teams
  • Crisis communications planning and training for leadership and employees
  • Customized communications training sessions (small group format or seminar series)
  • Nonprofit campaign training
Bridget communications training

Training on Location or at Our Training Site

O’Connor Connective understands that training can be a group exercise or sometimes a private process is more appropriate. We offer multiple ways to deliver training—at your location, online, or at our training facility.

Our training facility, located in downtown De Pere at The Connective, is equipped with technology to plan and practice presentations, train teams, or record/deliver content. Depending upon your needs, the team at O’Connor Connective can customize the environment to help you get the feedback and training you need to communicate effectively. We can also utilize this environment to offer training virtually to reach your teams around the world.

The Connective: A Community for Women in Business

The Connective is O’Connor Connective’s social enterprise and offers a unique blend of networking and professional development for women business leaders and their organizations. It also offers a business center that also provides co-working and professional office suites. 

Degreed, professional instructors

Our team has been invited by numerous universities and conference administrators to share our expertise. If your curriculum or conference seeks to address topics related to any of our services, we can develop and deliver an expert lecture or workshop to engage your audience. 

Customized communications training sessions

If you’re looking for communication skills training for employees, we’re here to develop and deliver the session for you. We can train your small group or provide a seminar series. We can even host you and your team at our professional training facility located in downtown De Pere, Wisconsin or virtually.

Media relations training

Ensuring your team knows how to engage with local media and journalists is important. We offer media relations training for key spokespersons or full teams. We’ll provide public relations messaging—essentially, a script to know what to say and how to say it—and offer our insider tips on specific news outlets to help you be your best.

Writing and delivery assistance for keynote speeches

As an expert of your field, chances are you’re often called upon to share your knowledge at board meetings, conferences and industry events. But the fear of public speaking is real. And what should you say? At O’Connor Connective, we can write the speech and provide coaching and delivery to give you peace of mind.

Crisis communications planning and training

A professional crisis communications plan is only one key to crisis management. The next is helping your team understand the plan and their role in it. We provide training to complement your crisis communications plan, ensuring greater clarity and peace of mind for all in the event of a crisis. We can coach your team so they’ll feel prepared.

Nonprofit campaign training

Part of getting your organization to reach its fundraising potential requires strategic communications—from the right words to say to the right ways to say them. O’Connor Connective is known for its fundraising campaign experience. We can provide nonprofit campaign training for leadership, boards and volunteers to help you reach your fundraising goals.

Executive communications training

As a leader, you deserve a confidential sounding board and coach to enhance your impact. We’re here to help. We provide leadership communications counsel and training to improve communications with those who matter most—stakeholders, clients and employees. Our executive communications training can be used for issues large and small. We also help leaders enhance their communication style, method and delivery.

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