Digital Services

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Our digital services include:

  • Website design, production & maintenance
  • Digital trend analysis & best practice consultation
  • Digital marketing campaigns
  • SEO performance review
  • Analytics reports & monitoring
  • Social media strategy & management
  • Email campaigns & strategy
  • Google My Business creation & monitoring
Digital services

Digital trend analysis & best practice consultation

We want you to benefit from our undying dedication to strategy first, then implementation. Digital is a central consideration in your organization’s strategy. Our team will analyze the current trends in your industry and perform a full digital audit. From there, we’ll fill in the gaps for your digital strategy to achieve your objectives.

Social media strategy & management

O’Connor Connective believes in a comprehensive, strategic approach to marketing and communication. Today, your social media presence is a significant part of that strategy. We’ll set goals and create a social media strategy for successful engagement. We create smart content—finding the optimal combination of images, words and graphics—to communicate effectively. We’ll share with you what’s new in social media management, provide a report to track the return on your investment, and then celebrate your organization’s progress or adjust the strategy to reach the best results. Together.

Digital marketing campaigns

Vision. Target. Geographic radius. Part of your marketing strategy might be building an awareness campaign for digital advertising that positions your organization for success in the community. With our focus on strategic communications, your messages will be specific to you and your goals. And we’ll help you determine optimal placement and investment. From ad concept to scheduling, we get results.

Google My Business creation & monitoring

Creating, monitoring and updating your Google My Business page is an integral part of driving traffic to your website, finding your business on Google Maps, and gaining 5-star reviews. We will partner with you and lineup your Google My Business page for local search engine optimization.

SEO performance review

The majority of your website traffic is driven by search engines. Search engine optimization increases the quality and quantity of your website traffic. Our digital team will make sure your website is more visible and attract more visits.

Analytics reports & monitoring

Analytics are a powerful tool. Our team will monitor your digital analytics across all platforms including website and social media. Our reports will quantify the effects of making a change to your marketing strategy, and our recommendations will assist you in achieving optimal results.

Website design & production

Your online presence starts with a website that is the hub of your brand and audience engagement. We bring expertise to the technical side of creation—think WordPress and SEO optimization. We also leverage creative such as, brand-aligned copy and design. Finally, we can provide copyediting and troubleshooting before website live date to ensure your website is error-free.

Email campaigns & strategy

Email communications remain a top option to stay connected with your key stakeholders. We will help you set up your email campaign, write subject lines and messages that engage your readers and optimize your email campaign results. If you need help with content and design, we’ve got you covered.

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