Marketing Strategy

Communicate what matters.

With the right marketing strategy and a plan of action, you’ll see results.

Our marketing strategy services include:

  • Branding
  • Advertising strategy (print and digital)
  • Strategies
  • Social media management
  • Market research
  • Content and Messaging
  • Websites
Michelle Dejno


Every organization has a brand. “Brand” is simply the manner, place and time in which an organization is seen and experienced. An entity’s brand identity is how it is visibly recognized and differentiated from other brands. It is everything visual, and visceral and is formed by consistent repetition. And it’s a key part of your marketing strategy. Through story and imagery, we highlight brand distinctions that matter to the community.

Content and messaging

Your marketing strategy requires the right words. At O’Connor Connective, we create content and messaging that speaks to your target audience. Our team of writers can create content—for blogs, press releases and social media posts, to name a few—and messaging in the voice and tone for your brand to ensure consistency. With professional content and messaging, you’ll increase your organization’s engagement with those who matter most. 


Do you know how to best engage with your target audience? In today’s crowded market, knowing how to maximize your marketing efforts with the right marketing strategy can be confusing. Let us be your partner in figuring it out. O’Connor Connective believes that strategy should guide your business and marketing decisions—and will guide you to success.

Market research

Competitor analysis. Internal brand audit. Focus group sessions. No guesses here! Our market research has helped countless organizations make informed marketing strategy decisions on everything from name changes to key messaging to brand identity. If you need a partner to interview key stakeholders to guide your company to success, we’re here to help.

Website design & development

Whether starting new or refreshing what you already have, a successful marketing strategy includes a professional website. Our website services include everything from the technical side to the creative side. For technical assistance, we can manage your WordPress installation and SEO optimization. On the creative side, we provide strategic recommendations for your wireframe, copy and the overall look and graphic design.

Advertising strategy (print and digital)

Vision. Target. Geographic radius. Part of your marketing strategy might be building an awareness campaign for print and/or digital advertising that positions your organization for success in the community. With our focus on strategic communications, your messages will be specific to you and your goals. From ad concept to placement, we do it all!

Social media management

Let us take the pressure off of managing your social media presence. We’ll create a monthly content calendar for your approval, find photos, schedule posts and continue to be the experts at what’s new in social media management so that you don’t have to be. Together, we’ll set goals for your social media. Finally, we’ll provide a report to track the return on your investment to celebrate your organization’s progress.

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