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Tell your stories.

We do this with words, imagery and design that’s unique to your audience. Our creative writing and design is strategically crafted to achieve your goals.

Our creative writing and content development services include:

  • Name and tagline development
  • Key messaging
  • Content for social media
  • Stories for publications, annual reports, magazines
  • E-mail marketing and e-newsletters
  • Vision, mission, values, culture statements
  • Video scripting
  • CEO speech and event communications
Creative writing


Key messages are specific themes and words that are carried through your brand communications. We rely on market research and creative writing to provide you with messaging specific to your organization. We’ll also show you how, when applied, your key messaging can be supported by statistics, stories and testimonials.

Name development

What’s in a name? Market research! O’Connor Connective’s name development process often involves surveys, focus groups and gathering insights from your key audiences. We look at how your top competitors position themselves in the marketplace, too. From there, we can help bring your name to life through creative design, a tagline, website and more.


As a company, you need blogs, social media posts, press releases and more. At O’Connor Connective, we create valuable, relevant content that speaks to your specific audience. Our team will craft the voice and tone for your brand, big or small. We can even take it a step further and pitch your stories and announcements to media publications and influencers.

Graphic design

Professional graphic design is a key element to building your successful brand presence. Our award-winning creative director can provide you with graphic design that visually communicates your organization through the use of typography, photography, iconography and illustration. Good design makes you look credible. Used consistently, graphic design is an important part of your strategic communications.

Brand standards

Brands are a lot like people. They have characteristics, beliefs, relationships and experiences. All of these factors combine to create the brand’s identity—it’s story. And just like people, what a brand does—how it looks, speaks, and acts—is how it communicates that story. That’s why our creative design services include creation of a brand standards document, showing visual and verbal elements—the color palette, typography, imagery, tone of voice, and design style—that combine to define your Brand System.


Make your mark. When you need an immediate representation of your organization, your people and your brand, a logo can communicate who you are to the world. It is a valuable asset that is best used consistently. Through our expert graphic design services, we’ll ensure that your logo is a unique mark that will carry you forward. We want you to have a logo that helps more people recognize who you in one glance.

Video scripting

Every video starts with a story. At O’Connor Connective, our background in creative writing and strategic communications translates to our experience in bringing your organizational stories to life through film. But first, you need a video script. When video scripting is complete and approved, we then partner with local production companies to create videos of all lengths and styles.


Need a new website? Or just a refresh? We do both. Our website services include everything from the technical side of creation—think WordPress and SEO optimization—to the creative side, including strategic recommendations for your wireframe, brand-aligned copy development and developing the overall look and graphic design. Finally, we can provide copyediting before website live date to ensure your website is error-free.

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