Public Relations

Be heard.

We’ll partner with your organization’s spokespersons to ensure your message and delivery are spot on—in good times and when you need help framing those tough moments.

Our public relations options include:

  • Media relations
  • Community relations
  • Crisis communications
  • Reputation monitoring services
  • Event management
  • Writing: speeches, content, articles
O'Connor Connective public relations

Media relations

We know the importance of connecting with local media and journalists beyond a PR email blast. O’Connor Connective will help shape your public relations messaging for media publications and news stations. You’ve probably heard the saying, “it’s all who you know,” which is why we spend time building relationships with media. We also use a professional media monitoring service to show our results.

Reputation monitoring services

When it comes to public relations, we understand the importance of monitoring your company mentions on social media, websites and traditional media. To do that professionally, we invest in a top-rated third-party product that provides a suite of AI-driven insights. Together, we help you monitor, understand and influence your company public relations.

Crisis communications

Will your team know how to handle public relations and community relations in a time of crisis? Hire us to create a comprehensive crisis communications plan to ensure clarity and peace of mind in the event of a crisis. Our customized plans include crisis communications examples for those affected by the crisis including employees and families as well as stakeholders and members of the media.

Community relations

Community is what we’re all about. And we can help you connect with, build or strengthen relationships within the community to better position your organization for success. Our strategies include initiatives that not only make you look good, but do good. We’ll find and recommend boards, memberships and partnerships to ensure you stay connected. One example of this would be through the chambers in the region. Not sure which local causes to support? We’ll guide you to financial and in-kind donations that make the most sense for your company.

Event management

Do your public relations needs include event management? We’re skilled at helping plan and implement outstanding events. In fact, we love events of all sizes, so much so that we included Radical Hospitality as one of our company values. Radical hospitality means we take great care of our visitors and client partners, lessons we seek to carry on from our Norbertine educators and friends. We’d be honored to do the same for yours!

Writing: speeches, content, articles

Part of public relations is, well, being in the public eye. If you’re in a leadership role, chances are you’re often called up to present your expertise at board meetings, conferences and schools. People want to hear from you. At O’Connor Connective, we know writing a great speech, blog post or magazine article takes time—maybe more time than you have to devote to represent your best self. Let us take the pressure off. We’re a team of experienced writers, from MBA and MFA grads to former journalists, who can write anything you need.

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