Strategic Communications

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We’ve spent decades helping visionary leaders strategize on how they can connect with those who matter most—their clients, employees and stakeholders.

Our strategic communications options include:

  • Strategic communications
  • Fundraising campaigns
  • Executive coaching
  • Vision, mission, values creation
  • Employee engagement
  • Merger & acquisition communications
  • Recruitment & retention communications
  • Team alignment & facilitation
Strategic communications

Strategic communications

We partner with CEOs, superintendents, presidents and board members to help them communicate strategically. We’ve spent decades helping visionary leaders strategize on how they can connect with those who matter most—their clients, employees and stakeholders. Strategic communications allows everyone to understand what’s most important.

Vision, mission, values creation

We believe strongly in communicating your intended culture—your vision, mission and values—to honestly engage your key constituents, particularly in times of change. Strategic communications is all about how you communicate what matters, affecting your bottom line through employee motivation and retention. It also impacts the confidence and engagement of your stakeholders.

Merger & acquisition communications

Organizations experiencing change need strategic communications efforts to help those involved share the story you want to be heard. We can help. And you’ll have less stress as a result. We’re skilled at helping companies just like yours through merger and acquisition communications. 

Employee engagement

Strategic communications plays an integral role in employee engagement. As a leader for your organization, you want to ensure your employees receive the right messages in order to remain fully engaged, working with you to bring your company even greater success. What are you choosing to say to your team? And how might you use your words to create cultural elevation within your organization for employees looking for leadership, clarity and direction?

Fundraising campaigns

Reaching your organization’s potential often requires strategic fundraising. O’Connor Connective has the campaign experience necessary to help you with your fundraising campaigns, from pre-campaign planning and campaign messaging, to promotional materials and volunteer training so you reach your fundraising goals. We partner with experienced fundraising executives to conduct feasibility studies and provide counsel for your campaign strategy. Together, we will work with your leadership, boards, alumni and volunteers to reach your fundraising campaign goals.

Team alignment & facilitation

Great planning starts at the top. We will partner with your leadership team to develop planning sessions that will prioritize where you are headed and how to get there. With our team alignment and facilitation services, we’ll also lead your small group sessions, board or senior leadership retreats or department planning sessions with grace, diplomacy and agility. It’s all about defining your team’s path to innovative results.  

Recruitment & retention communications

Competing for talent is no different than the way you compete for customers. Your organization’s story, your reason for existing, your purpose and what your company aspires to be, help you compete. Ultimately, this is a very human situation: people want to be a part of something bigger, feel valued and know that their ideas and talents matter. We all want to know we’re doing the right thing. Our job as leaders, then, is simple: We need to help the best people fall in love with our company. The best way to do this is through strategic communications.

Executive coaching

Every day, we offer executive coaching for CEOs, Superintendents, Presidents, and Board Members to refine the how and what of communicating with their key audiences. We’ve spent decades helping those who are charged with charting the course also connect with those who matter most—clients, employees, stakeholders—in ways that are authentic, forthright, and timely. Sometimes this also includes being a sounding board for executive coaching issues large and small or helping leaders enhance their communication style, method and delivery.

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