Linda Bodden

Linda Bodden

Production Director

Linda joined the O’Connor Connective team in June of 2022, bringing with her over 20 years of marketing production and project management skills.

She thrives on working with schedules and budgets making sure everyone stays on task. Making quick decisions and reacting to changing timeliness and schedules doesn’t faze her while she manages the day-to-day project details. We rely on her organizational skills to bring every project through to a successful completion.

Most recently, Linda was a senior marketing specialist at a greater Green Bay area community bank. Prior to that, she worked as a marketing project manager at two other regional banks. In addition to her experience in financial services marketing, Linda worked for 10 years as a production manager at a full-service B2B advertising agency in Milwaukee.

Bachelor of Arts in Journalism-Advertising
, University of Wisconsin-Oshkosh

Contact Info

Phone : 920.288.2980