Aspiro Rebrand

Aspiro - old and new logos
Aspiro - brand guide cover
Aspiro - brand guide inner page

Aspiro Rebrand


Develop and create a new brand for Aspiro, a leading provider of disability services in Greater Green Bay, that better reflects the organization’s mission and core values that speaks to its clients and families.

Our Approach:

  • Brand discovery and audit
  • Creative design of new logo and tagline
  • Creation of key messaging
  • Photography creative direction
  • Develop comprehensive Brand Style Guide


To best showcase the spirit and intention of Aspiro, O’Connor Connective updated the logo and brand elements, including the tagline — Live your way. Both the logo and tagline suggest clients live life to the fullest — differently than others, unique to each person’s needs and interests.

The new modernized logo features a distinctive, fluid letter “A.” It represents energy and positivity as it sweeps in a strong upward motion that represents its name, which is about rising, soaring and aspiring. It also bends, almost like the hugs that are readily available at Aspiro. Additionally, the new brand elements, including the use of photography, showcases and celebrates clients and their families.