Be Safe Public Awareness Campaign

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Be Safe campaign - Green Bay, WI
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Be Safe Public Awareness Campaign


O’Connor Connective was approached by a community volunteer wanting to create a Brown County, Wisconsin, domestic violence resource awareness program encouraging victims, as well as their friends and family, to call a local phone number to receive help and support. Many times, a victim may want to leave an abuser but is unsure of what to do. The Be Safe campaign encourages more calls to Golden House, Brown County’s only comprehensive domestic violence shelter, using an easy to remember phone number. A digital advertising component also drives visits to Be Safe’s campaign website.

Our Approach:

  • Market research to inform messaging and naming
  • Creative design of campaign elements
  • Website creation
  • Media buying and advertising placement
  • Social media content creation and management
  • Public relations, media relations and event planning
  • Community relations and partnership engagement


This highly digital campaign utilizes a dedicated phone number for victims to call. O’Connor Connective tracks data providing vital information about the campaign’s reach. In addition, the social media and website analytics provides detailed insight to the campaign’s impact.

By partnering with area businesses and providing them access to exclusive content and encouraging them to promote the campaign both internally and externally, O’Connor Connective continues to expand the campaign’s reach and engagement at no cost to the client or community partners.

Engaging media outlets at campaign launch and throughout the campaign brings awareness of the initiative to the community at large. The stories continue to be shared by several media outlets including TV, Wisconsin Public Radio, online and print coverage. Multiple media partners in other parts of the country also provided coverage, expanding our reach locally, statewide and nationally.

Communications Deliverables:

  • Website
  • Print collateral (letterhead, posters)
  • Billboards
  • Videos
  • Promotional items
  • Social media content and management (including organic and paid cross platform: display ads, geo-fencing, video pre-roll and Search Engine Marketing)
  • Press releases and media pitches