Bridging Communities: The Messaging Transformation of the Boys & Girls Club of the Bay & Lakes Region

The Green Bay Boys & Girls Club, along with the Shawano and Door County Boys & Girls Clubs, recently united to form the Boys & Girls Clubs of the Bay & Lakes Region. Their mission is to allow all children to reach their full potential and become productive, responsible, and compassionate individuals. The Clubs believe that consolidating its efforts into a regional brand can effectively enhance its mission’s overall impact in the markets it serves.

Challenge: A Journey Towards Cohesive Communications

The new regional organization faced the challenge of presenting a unified entity rather than three distinct Clubs – yet retaining the unique characteristics that make each location special. With a passion for sharing the news, the problem was that everyone was telling a slightly different story. The journey began to align efforts by expressing a clear and concise message through communication strategies and an improved digital presence.

When O’Connor Connective started working with the Club, there were two distinct websites for the three entities. Greater Green Bay and Shawano club information was housed on one site due to a previous collaboration, and the Door County club site was separate.

Our challenge was to create a unified messaging platform that preserved the essence of each area yet conveyed the regional story. This was not simply a branding exercise but an opportunity to update the organization’s presence and communication to resonate with the communities they serve.

Boys and Girls Club three entities

Solution: Creating a Unified Identity

Our team began by creating a strategic communication plan that unified the brand voice and messaging across the three regions. We collaboratively developed the strategy to ensure it resonated with the distinct communities they served while aligning them under the regional umbrella.

Next, we developed a new website. The website was designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, offering seamless navigation between regional and local content. It also needed to serve as a hub for information for families and donors. The goal for the site was to celebrate each of the three communities and the Club’s work to support its members. Therefore, the visual elements include locally sourced images and genuine and authentic stories. This approach creates a more compelling experience that accurately highlights each Club’s ‘story.’

Boys and Girls Club old and new website

Results: Enhanced Community Connection

  • Comprehensive Communication Strategy: Successfully developed a comprehensive communications plan that implements cohesive messaging across the three regions, effectively addressing the unique community needs while maintaining a regional identity.
  • Digital Transformation: Launched a new, unified website that significantly improved user experience, facilitated seamless navigation, and authentically represented the regional brand, increasing engagement and visibility.
  • Community Impact and Fundraising: The new website and coherent brand messaging will increase community involvement and effectiveness in future fundraising efforts.


The Boys & Girls Clubs of the Bay & Lakes Region’s story highlights the significance of impactful key messaging, a strategic communication plan, and a robust digital presence in increasing an organization’s impact. The journey from separate entities to a collective identity exemplifies the influence of a well-planned communication strategy to achieve greater success – both in organizational awareness and donor development.

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