A New Chapter – The Brown County Library Rebrand Journey

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Challenge: Bridging a Storied Legacy with Contemporary Vision

Brown County Library dates to 1889. When Sarah Sugden became the Executive Director in 2018, she had a strong desire to tell the story of today’s library and the impact libraries make on communities. To do that, Sarah believed a refreshed brand needed to emerge—and the people of Brown County needed to be a part of the process.

Solution: Strategic Insight Fuels Creative Exploration

O’Connor Connective began collaborating with Brown County Library to guide the brand refresh in the Spring of 2020, embarking on a comprehensive brand discovery and audit phase to delve into the library’s history and the community’s needs. Employing market research such as focus groups, individual interviews, and community surveys, we garnered invaluable insights that served as the cornerstone for the ensuing strategic steps.

We leveraged the research and community insights to inform the creative design process, crafting a new logo and tagline to encapsulate the library’s modern ethos. “Brown County Library—It’s yours,” emerged, underscoring the library’s community-first approach and its focus on providing access to all.

The new brand and messaging were publicly launched at the start of 2021. The logo’s design reflects the bright, colorful, diverse, and welcoming interconnectivity of the various branches Brown County Library offers. O’Connor Connective helped apply the new identity to materials, signage, vehicle wraps and its robust website, which provides access to the library’s offerings right from your device at home or work.

Most recently, the new brand identity was expressed in many ways at the newly opened East Branch, blending modern aesthetics with a community-oriented spirit. This project, part of a broader effort to upgrade various branches and create vibrant environments for the community to access information, arts, culture and events, underscores the momentum.

Triumphs Illuminated:

We are pleased to note that the prestigious accolade of the 2023 WLA Library of the Year was just awarded to Brown County Library. The recognition is a testament to the library’s unwavering commitment to its community. Congratulations to the entire staff at Brown County Library for your commitment to excellence!

Results: A Legacy Reimagined, A Community Reengaged

  • Strategic Research: We established a solid foundation for the rebranding initiative through community-centered research, aligning with Brown County residents’ sentiments and aspirations.
  • Identity Development: The refreshed logo and tagline encapsulated the library’s modern, community-centric ethos, steering the narrative towards renewed engagement.
  • Creative Unveiling: The brand unveiling at the East Branch provided a tangible experience of the library’s reinvigorated brand identity, resonating well with the community.

The partnership between Brown County Library and O’Connor Connective through their rebranding journey reflects the benefits that alignment of strategy, creativity, and community engagement can do.

We are grateful to Brown County Library for allowing us to participate in this transformative journey. The library’s brand truly resonates with its community and sets an example of an inclusive and innovative approach to community service. And if you haven’t stopped in to check out the new East Branch, please do, because as the tagline says, “It’s yours!”