Fabio Perini becomes Körber


Integrate Körber’s broader international brand into a local forty-year-old business that is a part of an international conglomerate.

Our Approach:

  • Strategic Communications Plan
  • Employee Research & Survey
  • Cultural Enrichment to Retain & Celebrate Employees (challenging in the midst of a pandemic!)
  • Apply Brand Throughout Organization, Including Environmental Graphics
  • Public Relations and Media Relations
  • Brand Roll-out
  • Message Development 

O’Connor Connective partnered with Körber to rollout a new, defined brand with North American employees, external audiences and the broader community to further position it as an industry leader. After a planning period that allowed for the review of the new brand structure, rollout activities occurred for employees, clients and local media to implement the brand.


O’Connor Connective was asked to focus primarily on the internal adaptation of the new Körber brand and to engage employees in this process to retain pride of existing history while embracing the Körber brand. Results included:

  • 84% participation rate in employee survey with findings incorporated into strategic messaging and roll-out of brand
  • Internal and external communication tools redesigned to reflect Körber international brand in less than six months from start to finish 
  • Media relations coverage of change resulted in six regional media outlets reaching 582,819 people and $6,320 of ad equivalency for company
  • Development of an eight-person employee ambassador team committed to implementing the new brand
  • Brand implementation tactics created by O’Connor Connective were embraced by the Körber corporate branding team and utilized in other countries