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Position Zepnick Solutions as a best-in-class engineering and automation solution provider to increase new business while also attracting new employees through the promotion of its close-knit work environment where workers feel valued and cared for.

Our Approach:

  • Brand discovery and audit
  • Market research: Reviewed online employee survey results, held focus groups with senior leadership and employees, and completed a comparative analysis of similar companies Zepnick Solutions competes with for work and employees
  • Brand refresh of the Zepnick Solutions logo
  • Creation of new brand identity system
  • Creation of new tagline
  • Key messaging development
  • Develop new website utilizing the brand identity system and creative content development based on key messaging
  • Creative development of brand identity enhancements, including new photography and videos

Zepnick Solutions is not immune to the severe worker shortage facing most businesses. The organization partnered with O’Connor Connective in the spring of 2021 to improve its brand identity and messaging to attract new employees and additional clients. An online employee survey, along with several employee focus groups led by

O’Connor Connective informed a brand refresh, the creation of a new tagline, and key message development. Those three elements were used in designing a new company website and the way it communicates with current and potential employees and customers.


Zepnick Solution’s new website launched in early 2022, providing the business with a new way to market itself. O’Connor Connective created a successful social media campaign that rolled out Zepnick Solutions’ new brand and website. The new brand identity system, tagline, and key messages were utilized in print collateral, advertisements, and a new tradeshow booth, providing Zepnick Solutions with a single brand voice.