Websites: Your organization’s front door

Jordan and Joe

Have you ever been blown away by a speaker at an event and wanted to learn more about their organization or nonprofit? Instead of approaching them to ask questions, most people note the organization’s name and search online for it later.

This is why your website is so important — it’s often the first interaction a potential customer or donor has with your organization. 

However, many organizations neglect their websites even though they know the sites play a crucial role in the “buying” process. Websites may be a “priority,” but they likely fall to the bottom of the list.

Here are three mindset shifts to give your organization’s website more attention:

  1. Your website is like a home renovation project — it’s never truly finished. Even if you’re starting from scratch, you don’t need to complete everything at once. Set milestones and release updates as you go.  
  2. Website updates are an investment, not an expense. Every update improves your digital presence and compounds previous revisions.  
  3. Your website is the central hub for your marketing efforts. While it’s easy to get caught up in other marketing efforts, it’s important to remember that these ultimately point back to your website, making it one of your organization’s primary marketing assets.

By viewing your website as a constantly evolving project, an investment rather than an expense, and the central hub for your marketing efforts, you can ensure that it accurately represents your brand and attracts the right audience.

Make your website work for you – give it the love and attention it deserves rather than letting it fall by the wayside. 

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Jordan Ogren is a digital communications strategist at O’Connor Connective.