O’Connor Connective provides creative direction for the rebranding of the Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau as Discover Green Bay with new logo and tagline

O'Connor Connective at the Greater Green Bay Convention and Visitors Bureau
Discover Green Bay - logo

Discover Green Bay! Get to know the new name of the local tourism organization of over 50 years.

O’Connor Connective continued its longtime partnership with the Greater Green Bay Convention & Visitors Bureau by helping the CVB rebrand this summer as Discover Green Bay with a tagline of “Beyond Legendary” and a new logo reflecting the region’s vast experiences.

“Tourism organizations such as ours have responded, starting with their organizational identities. Names have seen a major shift from what the organization does to what the visitor can experience,” said Brad Toll, Discover Green Bay President and CEO.

The underlying components of the new name and brand are incorporated and highlighted in the Discover Green Bay logo. O’Connor Connective created the logo along with the development of targeted messaging to support the new brand so to engage visitors and locals alike.

“These primary components take what’s understood and links it to something beyond the average visitor’s initial perception, creating a distinctive understanding of the experiences available here,” said Bridget O’Connor, Owner and President of O’Connor Connective. “One factor that is known best — football. And one that research tells us is less understood — that we are surrounded by rivers, a bay, and Lake Michigan.”

The “waveball” icon in the Discover Green Bay logo captures the region’s signature elements of football and water. The stacked logo features lower-case letters for an informal and fun look. The ‘g’ in “green” has a distinctive curve that reflects the gentle meandering of the Fox River as it leads to and empties into the “bay” below it in the logo. Each of the three words is distinguished by bright shades of blue, green and gold, symbolic of the colors of the local environment and what people associate with Green Bay.

In conjunction with the reveal of the new brand today, Discover Green Bay unveiled its temporary Visitor Center at its office at 789 Armed Forces Drive in Ashwaubenon. O’Connor Connective helped create the environmental graphics in the Visitor Center, including a historical timeline for the region. The Discover Green Bay Visitor Center is open Monday through Friday from 8 a.m-4:30 p.m.

We congratulate and celebrate the Discover Green Bay team and thank them for allowing us to be a part of this “Beyond Legendary” journey with them.

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