Green Thumb of Strategic Marketing Communications­ – Four Steps to Help Your Strategy Grow

Strategic marketing communications helps bring a vision to reality, and through a solid communications strategy, you can make smart, strategic decisions for growth – one might say it can even give you a green thumb. Here are four steps to help your strategy grow—not too different than nurturing your favorite flowers this time of year.


Understand the soil

Like soil, your organization has its unique attributes that help it flourish. Take time to ensure you have the best understanding of your company’s history, mission, vision and values to build a strategy that can be successful. Understand your internal strengths and limitations. Will your team need guidance to reach its full potential? Do you have the resources to move quickly? Or do you need to engage outside your organization to help move forward? Recognize these elements early to ensure your future success.


Sow the plan(t)

Once you understand the soil and the foundation with whom you’ll be engaging, it’s time to sow – or implement – the plan(t) that will thrive in this environment. For example, poppies need plenty of sunlight, but low to moderate watering. A peace lily, on the other hand, enjoys shade and doesn’t need to be watered regularly. Your strategic communications plan may be an introduction to something you implement yourself, or it could be a plan that needs guidance throughout its entirety.


Adapt to Mother Nature

Like Mother Nature, business is unpredictable. Your plan(t) might call for sunshine, but a thunderstorm may come when it’s least expected. Knowing how and when to adapt and provide alternative recommendations and resources in situations of the unknown will only help your communications plan succeed.


Celebrate the fruits of your labor

You’ve put in the groundwork; now, appreciate the final product. What started as the gritty foundation to your strategy is now a vibrant, successfully executed plan. Be in awe. Be proud. Appreciate the beauty. Through discovery and research in the beginning, this accomplishment has bloomed.


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