O’Connor Connective Purchases Building – Creates Environment for Clients to Dream Big

When O’Connor Connective launched in 2013, principal and owner Bridget O’Connor sought to partner with senior leaders to advance their organization’s strategic goals. O’Connor recognized that clients would benefit from a place to get away from their daily demands to visualize and plan their future.

O’Connor Connective is pleased to announce the purchase and renovation of 355 Main Avenue in De Pere as both an office space and a creative space for clients to more fully realize their mission, vision and plans.

O’Connor Connective purchased a 100-year old building for the consultancy’s home. After six months of renovation, the doors are open to all.

The purchase of 355 Main Avenue was a personal passion for owner Bridget O’Connor.

“I believe in our downtown communities—in Green Bay and in De Pere. And I love architecture and design. Partnering with architect Chris Renier helped us bring the best out of a forgotten historic gem that needed a bit of polishing.”

That polishing included removing over 10 dumpsters worth of construction debris to expose the original brick and 20-foot wood beams. The 2,800 square foot space now is a combination of open, flexible space as well as defined offices, conference room and kitchen.

More development is expected for the De Pere Nicolet Square Plaza, where O’Connor Connective’s South entrance is located. “We are very pleased with the City of De Pere’s plans for enhancing this plaza’s streetscape,” said O’Connor.

The company is already finding great value in partnering with local business owners to advance the growth and opportunity of the De Pere business community. In fact, several are already O’Connor Connective clients. In addition, Bridget O’Connor is assisting Definitely De Pere with its marketing planning.

“Being a part of what’s happening here is putting our values to work. Advancing teams, advancing communities, and having a great time doing it—that’s what it’s all about!” added O’Connor, “We can’t wait to see what will happen next.”

O’Connor Connective is a strategic planning and marketing communications company helping senior leaders reach their organizational goals. Their new office is located at 355 Main Avenue, De Pere, WI.

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