Follow the right steps to produce effective communications

A lot has changed since the first written communication appeared on a cave wall about 9,000 years ago. Instead of carving marks and symbols on rocks, we send quick messages...
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Institute for Women’s Leadership Names Bridget Krage O’Connor Inaugural Executive in Residence

As UW-Green Bay’s Institute for Women’s Leadership moves into its second year of work to build an enhanced women’s leadership pipeline in Northeast Wisconsin, the university is expanding its commitment...
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Infographics Simplify Information Sharing

Infographics Simplify Information Sharing

I’m going to date myself but I remember when USA Today came out in the early 1980s. When my dad was done with the paper, the first thing I looked...
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The Business News: Joe Berger on Brand Communication

Skilled ‘Chef’ Keeps Brand Together

I’ve often made the analogy that brand communication is like gourmet cooking. You have ingredients (brand elements) and recipes (brand standards). And then there’s the magic that happens to turn...
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brand experience

Did You Do Something With Your Hair?

Have you ever run across someone you know, but maybe haven’t seen in a while and get the sense that something has changed in them? They may look better or...
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Bridget Krage O'Connor at Lake Michigan

A Wisconsin Beach in Winter: And other things I need for my own mental health

You can’t take care of others if you aren’t taking care of yourself, they say. But not me, right? I’ve got things to do, people who need me, things that...
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Michelle Dejno

Customer Connection: Keys to understanding what they want

Sue, a small business owner, came to us with a problem: she wanted more repeat customers. She wanted to better understand her customers’ needs and what she could do to...
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Dee and MaryBeth

O’Connor Connective Enhances Offerings With Two New Hires

The addition of two new teammates will enhance O’Connor Connective’s ability to deliver its full suite of strategic marketing communications and creative storytelling services to businesses and nonprofits. MaryBeth Matzek,...
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Discover Green Bay

Our Regional Brand Can Help You Recruit Talent

Our Regional Brand Can Help You Recruit Talent Now’s the time for your organization to show it off as a part of your strategy. I’ve been paying attention to the...
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O'Connor Connective digital and traditional marketing specialists

Outsource Your Marketing—Why Now’s the Time

Today’s cost savings, pace of change and labor market make it an ideal time to redirect from staff to outsourcing to get results. Here are five reasons to consider outsourcing your communications and marketing team in 2023.
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Digital services

Strategic digital campaign takes your messaging to the next level

Technology is continuously changing, and the way technology is used in communications is changing just as quickly. Keeping up is essential if you want to effectively connect with your customers, employees, prospects and stakeholders. With so much change it’s hard to keep pace and see through the buzz to determine if a new product or...
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Jordan Ogren

O’Connor Connective is strategic with expanding digital services

DE PERE, Wis. — Recognizing the critical nature of digital communication in advancing organizational brands, O’Connor Connective expands its digital strategy offerings with the addition of Jordan Ogren as a digital communications strategist. In this new role, Ogren will work with O’Connor Connective clients to strategically develop, execute and manage social media plans and digital...
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family digital communications

Generational differences complicate communication

Warning! The period at the end of this sentence is not a symbol for how I feel right now. I am not angry or upset; it’s just correct grammar. In fact, none of the punctuation used in this blog evokes how I feel. I run through that explanation since members of Gen Z, including my...
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Time to Let Good Business Deeds Be Known

I’m constantly amazed by the generosity of businesses and business owners in Northeastern Wisconsin. Campaign donations. Volunteers. Grants. In-kind products and materials. Making the right decisions even if they are more expensive. The list goes on and on. It’s part of what makes doing business in Wisconsin so rewarding.   Given our modest Midwest culture...
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Fighting for readers’ attention

It’s unfortunate but true: People don’t read news online. Sure, they may skim the headlines, but after that, their attention wanes. A recent Harris Interactive poll found only 19% of participants read online news, blogs and online press releases word-by-word. 34% read the headline before moving on while 25% skim the headline and article. That...
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Staying in the spotlight

Your business has good news to share — maybe you won an award or added new employees. Ten years ago, sending out a standard news release was all you needed to do to get it published in the local newspaper. But as newspapers have slimmed down — or disappeared altogether — that’s no longer a...
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MaryBeth & Linda

O’Connor Connective continues to grow

DE PERE, Wis. — O’Connor Connective’s 10th year brings growth in its team as it streamlines workflow and scheduling, allowing the firm to enhance its offerings and services. Linda Bodden is stepping into the newly created role of production director after working for the past six years as a senior marketing specialist at a greater...
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Microsites help fundraisers stand apart

With so much vying for our attention, nonprofits can find it challenging to reach their donors and potential donors about their fundraising efforts. A dedicated microsite — a separate website where nonprofit organizations can share vital information about their campaigns, collect online donations or an upcoming event — can help your organization stand out. Microsites...
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