Three Ways to Make Your Team’s Holiday Season Bright and Meaningful

Christmas and New Year’s create the ideal time for employee engagement.

The holidays! Full of energy, cheer and sparkle. And the perfect time to think about how you can make the holidays magical – and meaningful – for your employees. The holidays provide a great opportunity to live out your mission, vision and values. As a department or organization leader, use these three simple initiatives to show your team you care.

  1. Encourage time to disconnect.

Yes, there’s year-end reporting. Of course, there’s new-year planning. And in the throes of it all, don’t forget it’s the holiday season! A magical time with family, friends and colleagues. Take time to enjoy it. Let me say that again – take time to enjoy it! And encourage your employees to do so, too. Take your vacation days and actually take a vacation. Turn on your out-of-office message and turn off your email notifications. Delegate appropriately. Step back, breathe deep, reflect on the many successes of 2017 and look forward to the wonderful year ahead. Studies show that time away results in greater success, decreases stress and increases happiness.   

  1. Support your employees’ New Year’s resolutions.

Do you have a department of weight watchers? People starting a new hobby? A team looking to exercise more? Understand your employees’ New Year’s resolutions and show support to help them achieve their goals. Don’t bring in donuts if your team is planning on eating salad (or at least offer an alternative to the sugary treat). Pay for one month of that gym membership. Encourage ideation and skill development through professional development opportunities. Give approval for a long lunch to encourage community volunteering. It doesn’t have to cost much, or anything at all, but the impact is invaluable.

  1. Communicate about the future.

A new year brings new strategies and goals. Just as you share and support New Year’s resolutions, share the new organizational goals, too. As the leader of your organization or department, you are likely excited about strategic objectives for the year ahead. Have you shared these aspirations with your employees? Communicate your 2018 priorities with your team and engage them in conversation, ask for feedback and answer questions. Give them a voice in their future. They are a crucial part of your organization’s vision and future success. Communicate openly. Vision together.

If you’ve been shaping your organizational culture for a while, this is a good time to introduce a few new dynamics and put your values into action. Being proactive visibly deepens your commitment to valuing, respecting and supporting your employees. If you haven’t been sure how or when to start this journey, this is the perfect time to take that first step – and perhaps even revisit how you’re living out your mission, vision and values through your organizational culture.

Make employee satisfaction and organizational culture your New Year’s resolution.

How will you support and engage your employees this holiday season?     


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