Strategic digital campaign takes your messaging to the next level

Digital services

Technology is continuously changing, and the way technology is used in communications is changing just as quickly. Keeping up is essential if you want to effectively connect with your customers, employees, prospects and stakeholders.

With so much change it’s hard to keep pace and see through the buzz to determine if a new product or trend will go the distance and become part of your communications plan. We’ve selected two trends generating a lot of attention: digital communications and AI writing tools.

Digital communications: There are multiple ways we consume information and more and more of it is coming to us digitally through emails, text messages, online ads and social media. For businesses and organizations, finding the right digital communication tool is a must. And what works for one organization may not work for the other, which is why strategy is essential. O’Connor Connective’s digital communications team can identify and implement the tactics that work best for your organization.

O’Connor Connective’s digital communications team, helps clients to develop, execute and manage social media plans and digital media efforts to achieve results in expanding sales, recruiting employees, raising dollars and building fellowship. By integrating strategy with social media, we help our clients’ posts not only reach more people but engage with them intentionally to build relationships with targeted audiences.

One piece of content can be used in multiple ways. For example, recording a videocast can provide you not only with that asset, but it can be turned into several clips that can be used on different social media platforms along with quotes, which can be used on other platforms. A blog can also be created from the podcast, which when put on a client’s website can generate traffic. Use social media to drive people to the site.

E-newsletters have been around for more than a decade, but new tools and changing behaviors have once again made them a great way to connect with customers. The ROI on e-newsletters is an impressive 40 to 1 since those receiving the newsletter are interested in its content.

E-newsletters can deliver your message directly to a customer or potential customer powerfully. And unlike social media, the message is shared with a captive audience of people who have already shown they are interested in what your organization is doing.

E-newsletters can be customized to reach segments of an organization’s overall customer base. You can create groups inside the overall mailing list, making it easier, for example, to send an email to your organization’s volunteers.

O’Connor Connective also assists clients with their websites — their main form of digital communication with their clients. From keyword and SEO searches and design to compelling content and interactive interfaces, Todd helps clients achieve a working website that meets their needs.

AI writing tools: ChatGPT has amassed a lot of attention lately for its ability to quickly compose a variety of written materials, including press releases. Before deciding to let AI handle your business’ writing needs, take a minute and think about what you will be missing.

For one, creativity. Human writers are all different and have their own vocabulary while AI’s vocab is more limited. In addition, there’s the possibility that what topic you ask it to write about will turn out to be something it produces for someone else asking a similar question.

In public relations, the answer is simple: you miss out on the power of relationships. For PR practitioners, there are two vital connections — the one with the client and the one with the audience (media). A strong relationship with the client is a PR must. Working with the media — the relationship that normally comes first to mind when thinking about PR — is secondary because without a strong connection with your client, the story is not going anywhere.

ChatGPT may help you quickly pull together a rough draft but from there, the human touch is necessary to create compelling, strategic communications.

While technology and best practices change, O’Connor Connective’s experienced digital team is here to help its clients with creating the strategy and implanting the necessary tactics to create a successful digital communications plan.

If you are looking to enhance your organization’s digital marketing, please contact O’Connor Connective today at 920-288-2980.