Jordan and Joe
Have you ever been blown away by a speaker at an event and wanted to learn more about their organization or nonprofit? Instead of approaching them to ask questions, most people note the organization’s name and search online for it later. This is why your website is so important — it’s often the first interaction...
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family digital communications
Warning! The period at the end of this sentence is not a symbol for how I feel right now. I am not angry or upset; it’s just correct grammar. In fact, none of the punctuation used in this blog evokes how I feel. I run through that explanation since members of Gen Z, including my...
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Your business has good news to share — maybe you won an award or added new employees. Ten years ago, sending out a standard news release was all you needed to do to get it published in the local newspaper. But as newspapers have slimmed down — or disappeared altogether — that’s no longer a...
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So nice to have two helpings of good news in the news during the holidays. First, thank you to The Press Times – Ashwaubenon, De Pere, Howard, Suamico & Hobart newspaper for devoting a well-written business feature to the opening of The Connective: A Place for Women in Business in downtown De Pere. The doors are open...
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